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Founded in 1910 in Minneapolis, Advance has grown into the leading international manufacturer of floor cleaning technology. After merging with Danish company Nilfisk in 1994, Nilfisk-Advance forged a revolution in floor cleaning machines, pioneering sweepers and scrubbers that are now at the vanguard of the industry. Advance equipment is renowned for its strength, durability, and unstoppable cleaning power. With an array of sweepers, scrubbers, and combination sweeper-scrubbers, Advance has established itself as the first choice of maintenance departments everywhere, with cleaning machines for any application.

H&K Equipment is proud to be a premier dealer of Advance industrial floor cleaning equipment. In addition to the complete line of Advance products, H&K Equipment furnishes full parts support backed by the most knowledgeable service team working today. To learn more about the Advance floor cleaning machines featured here or to schedule a product demo at your facility, call 1-800-272-9953.


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Walk-Behind Sweepers

Perfect for keeping floors free of dirt and debris, Advance walk-behind floor sweepers are engineered to efficiently clean small-to-medium sized facility floors.

Available in two builds, choose between the Advance SW900, which is equipped with two rotating sweep-heads, and the Terra 28B, which has one and is preferable for jobs with tight or narrow aisles. 

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Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Widely considered the most dependable industrial floor cleaning equipment in the world, Advance walk-behind floor scrubbers are available in a half-dozen different builds to ensure your business stays clean, regardless of application.

With scrub paths from 14 inches to 28 inches wide, and scrub-head options available in cylindrical and disc, Advance manufactures a wide array of walk-behind cleaning units.

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Ride-On Sweepers

Depending on the size of the facility in question, you may have to upgrade from a walk-behind sweeper to a larger, more capable ride-on unit.

Advance ride-on sweepers, all of which can be equipped with dual curb brushes to maximize cleaning capabilities, come standard with Clear-View for optimal operator vision, MaxAccess for easy upkeep, and DustGuard to keep dust particles from becoming airborne during the cleaning process.

Choose from 5 different models with cleaning paths of up to 77 inches wide.

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Ride-On Scrubbers

For when a walk-behind machine simply does not cut it, consider an Advance ride-on industrial floor scrubber.

Built to be operator and technician-friendly, Advance rider floor scrubbers are easy to use and, with MaxAccess technology, just as easy to service. 

Available in a vast array of different models with maximum travel speeds of up to 5.6 mph, these machines are capable of cleaning upwards of 150,000 sq. ft. per hour, making them perfect for medium-to-large sized facilities.

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Perhaps the most impressive machines in Advance’s extensive catalog of industrial floor cleaning equipment, their combination units offer the best of both worlds in terms of sweeping and scrubbing.

The CS7010, Advance’s hybrid sweeper-scrubber, comes standard with all the bells and whistles typically found on their premier machines and can clean up to 118,600 square feet per hour.

The Advance 7765, meanwhile, operates solely on LP and is the true heavy-hitter of the line up. Equipped with 100-gallon solution and recovery tanks and capable of exerting 600 lbs. of scrub pressure, there isn’t a floor too dirty for the 7765.


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