Cushman Custom Vehicles

Where some see limitations, others see possibilities. Customized personnel carriers, burden carriers, and haulers from Cushman open a realm of limitless potential by giving you full power over these vehicles’ unstoppable designs. Cushman utility vehicles are built to go where others can’t, from the extreme ends of the factory to the extreme terrain of the most remote oil pad. Using the Cushman Hauler as its base, this custom vehicle can be configured to do anything you need it to.

Snow plows, tool trucks, emergency vehicles, dump trucks, you can choose from a huge selection of functions to create a vehicle that was built for you, by you. Nobody makes ’em tougher and rougher than Cushman, and nobody sells and services Cushman better than H&K Equipment. Whether it’s one of these custom models or one of Cushman’s unstoppable standard options, H&K Equipment has the machines that are right for you. To schedule a free consultation and demo or for more information about Cushman vehicles, call us at 1-800-272-9953 or send us a message.