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Founded in Cleveland in 1893, Elwell-Parker introduced the world to electric material handling equipment and was one of the first companies to develop a powered forklift. For over a century, Elwell-Parker products shaped the material handling industry and helped build the modern world. 

Today, Elwell-Parker platform trucks, forklifts and die-handlers are still powering some of the most important industries in North America. From steel mills to automotive plants, where there’s work to be done behind the scenes, you’ll find Elwell-Parker.

H&K Equipment has more experience rebuilding and restoring Elwell-Parker lift trucks than anyone on the planet. Our results (and our repeat customers) speak for themselves.

We also boast an extensive parts selection and our customer service specialists can help you find the exact part you need, even if we don’t have it in stock.


For service, rebuilds or parts, contact one of H&K Equipment’s knowledgeable Elwell-Parker specialists. Call us at 1-800-272-9953, or click the button below.

Platform Trucks

With over a century of experience, Elwell-Parker has literally been building platform trucks longer than anyone. Starting with the first electric powered material handling vehicle, Elwell-Parker platform trucks have been playing a critical role in inter-facility logistics since 1906. H&K Equipment can offer the L36 model as a brand new truck. Click the button below for more information.

Electric Forklifts

Elwell-Parker knows a thing or two about electric forklifts. After all, this is the company that helped invent them! Elwell-Parker built the first electric truck in 1906 and one of the first electric lift trucks in 1914. Elwell-Parker also helped develop the very first pallets for forklifts a few decades later. From the very dawn of modern materials handling through the 20th century and beyond, Elwell-Parker spent over 100 years perfecting the electric forklift and introducing many of the safety and productivity features now regarded as the industry standard.

Coil Handlers

With over a century of experience in specialized industrial die truck applications, Elwell-Parker has long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of customized die handling equipment. Elwell-Parker wrote the book on die handling and for many years was the number one supplier of die handler vehicles to the automotive and other industries.

Die Handlers 

Two factors matter the most in coil handling equipment: efficiency and protection. Companies in the primary metals, heavy manufacturing, and automotive industries have long relied on Elwell-Parker to supply vehicles that quickly move large coils in and out of storage while preventing damage to the load.

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