10 Best Practices For Deep Cleaning Hard Floors

by Dec 17, 2020How to, Industrial Cleaning

Now more than ever, customers expect cleanliness.

A clean floor is a sign of a business that cares about maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Dirty floors can harbor germs and bacteria, which can be transfered to high-touch surfaces through cross-contamination.

According to the USDA, in order to thoroughly disinfect an area, soils, stains and organic material need to be removed first. This kind of cleaning requires more than a standard once over with a broom and mop. It requires a deep cleaning; one that can be best achieved by automated scrubbers purpose built for that exact process. Only then can you be sure your disinfectant will work as intended.

In order to get the most out of your industrial scrubber, here are 10 best practices to follow when cleaning hard floors.

1. Use a chemical portioning system. This system adjusts the amount of chemicals to meet the demands of the job automatically.

2. Keep the machine clean and dry after use. The entire machine, including brushes and pads, should be thoroughly washed and given time to dry after use.

3. Inspect the squeegees and blades regularly. Damaged and worn down squeegees won’t effectively pick up contaminated water.

4. Keep the recovery tank lid open after use. This will help expedite the drying process and eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

5. Leave detergent on the floor for the recommended dwell time. Always follow the instructions for dwell time and only use an EPA-registered disinfectant. The registration number should be visible on the label.

6. Use cylindrical scrubbing when needed. Cylindrical machines have the ability to sweep debris and scrub floors in a single pass.

7. Use a pad containing diamonds or cubic zirconia. Cleaning pads that contain microscopic diamonds or cubic zirconia are more efficient at eliminating bacteria on the floor.

8. Double scrub as needed. Don’t be afraid to double scrub when up against stubborn soils and stains. 

9. Use personal protective equipment (PPE). When cleaning crews are working in areas where germs may be present, be sure they are following guidelines for the use of PPE.

10. Maintain the machine. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing filters, pads and wearables. If you need an expert opinion, you can always call one of the cleaning equipment specialists at H&K Equipment!

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