Industrial Trucks

The ultimate forklifts on the market today, industrial lift trucks from Taylor Machine Works tear through any challenge, with capacities available from seven to 60 tons and configurations engineered to match any application. Taylor Big Red forklifts have proven their mettle across the steel, aluminum, automotive, and concrete industries and beyond. Pneumatic or cushion tired, short or long wheelbase, diesel or propane, whatever you need, there’s a Taylor forklift that’s got your back.

H&K Equipment is proud to be a leading Taylor dealer and to bring the Taylor promise of reliability and efficiency to many of the most important industries and manufacturers in the U.S. If you need a truck that gets the job done, you need a Taylor Big Red, but to get the most out of your Big Red, you need H&K Equipment. We offer the best service and parts support in the nation for every Taylor model. We also boast the largest fleet of new and used rental trucks. Browse available models or call 1-800-272-9953 to learn more.

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