JLG Lifting Equipment

For half a century, JLG has been a leading manufacturer of lift and access equipment, and today its familiar orange and cream-colored lifts can be found around the globe. From the first aerial platforms and boom lifts to the most advanced telehandlers on the planet, JLG lifting equipment is constantly improving.

H&K Equipment is proud to be a premier JLG dealer. We specialize in JLG telehandlers, which are among the most effective and versatile lift trucks ever produced for oil and gas operations and construction sites. We’re also proud to provide industry-leading service and parts support for all JLG products. To learn more about JLG lifts and telehandlers, browse our online inventory or call 1-800-272-9952.

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A necessity on modern worksites, JLG telehandlers allow crew members to traverse varying terrains with heavy, awkward loads in tow.

With more than a dozen models to choose from, these versatile machines increase workplace efficiency and safety. Capable of lifting upwards of 16,500 pounds and heights of up to 75 feet, JLG’s industry-best telehandlers get the job done.

To learn more about these invaluable machines or to inquire about sales, service, rentals, or parts, contact H&K Equipment today.


An operator-friendly type of mobile elevated work platform, H&K Equipment carries both articulating and telescopic boom lifts to ensure there is a solution for your specific application, regardless of how unique it may be.

Capable of extending high above ground level for optimal access to hard to reach areas, JLG articulating boom lifts are ideal for cramped or intricate spaces.

Telescopic boom lifts are the perfect solution for uninhibited work environments, with the ability to safely position workers up to 150 feet above the ground.

Contact H&K Equipment to learn more about boom lifts from JLG. We also provide onsite aerial boom lift training.


JLG scissor lifts are equipped with pneumatic tires to easily traverse rugged terrains and safely transport workers and their gear around industrial worksites.

Available in more than 20 electric and gas powered models and capable of lifting loads upwards of 2,000 pounds more than 50 feet high, JLG scissor lifts are the ultimate lifting solutions for your jobsite.

To learn more about these state-of-the-art aerial lifts, contact the team at H&K Equipment today.

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