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Through our partnership with H&K Equipment Group member Yard Truck Specialists, H&K Equipment is able to provide access to Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractors, North America’s leader in trailer spotting. In addition to the complete line of Kalmar Ottawa yard trucks, we also maintain an enormous fleet of used yard trucks for sale or rent. Units are available for on- and off-highway use.

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Contact one of H&K Equipment’s yard truck experts to discuss if a Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractor is right for you. Call us at 1-800-272-9953, or click the button below.

The T2 4X2 Off-Highway Yard Truck

There’s a reason that no one sells more Yard Trucks in North American than Kalmar Ottawa. Built to handle any and all spotting operations, the T2 has ample power, an intuitive design, and the safest, most comfortable cabin in the industry. Featuring a fifth-wheel equipped with quick-lift cylinders and improved lift support, with the T2 you’ll get more done faster and safer than ever before.

The T2 4×2 DOT/EPA Yard Truck

The T2 Series was created with input from real Kalmar Ottawa customers, and it’s obvious from every one of its user- and operation-friendly features. With power to spare, the T2 delivers where it really matters and is capable of handling all your yard spotting operations. And when those operations take you offsite, this truck is DOT/EPA certified for over-the-road transport.

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