Since the 1950s, Manitou forklifts have specialized in solving some of the biggest challenges in material handling, which is why today you’ll find Manitou products operating in a huge range of environments around the world. From the farm field to the oilfield and everywhere in between, Manitou has revolutionary trucks designed for nearly any agricultural, construction, or industrial application. Although Manitou offers a bigger selection of material handling solutions than nearly any other manufacturer, they have long specialized in compact and rotating models that minimize their machines’ onsite footprints while maximizing your reach. Manitou trucks also offer a giant catalog of attachments and customization options, making them among the most versatile forklifts operating today.

H&K Equipment is the region’s leading dealer of Manitou equipment. If your operations require more than just a by-the-numbers truck, then the Manitou line of rugged terrain forklifts is a good place to start your search. To learn more about Manitou, browse our inventory or contact H&K Equipment at 1-800-272-9953.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Power and reliability even on the most unstable terrain.