All three of the “Big 3” American automakers trust Motrec electric industrial vehicles to move people and goods around their facilities; it’s time to bring the strength, durability, and long-lasting duty cycles that power Detroit to your operations. Motrec industrial burden carriers and tow tractors are built with an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction and excellence. With other companies, those are buzzwords. With Motrec, that’s the DNA of every truck they produce.

H&K Equipment provides products from only the best of the best manufacturers, and Motrec is a global leader in electric work vehicles. No matter what your application looks like, we have the vehicles that you will come to depend on. To learn more about Motrec, browse our full inventory or call us at 1-800-272-9953.

Burden Carriers

Unmatched ruggedness and reliability.

Tow Tractors

Haul up to 200,000 pounds.