Located in Upper Michigan, Pettibone has been building superior performance into its equipment since 1881. Pettibone developed the first-ever forward reaching handler for pipe and lumber applications, and its rough terrain equipment has never been successfully copied or equaled. Relying on, and designing around, user and operator feedback has led Pettibone to manufacture equipment that is better constructed, safer to use, and fully equipped to handle difficult conditions. Pettibone handlers have the heaviest capacities, longest reaches, and highest lifts in their class. Add in high-performing engines, well-engineered parts, plus a full line of attachments, and you’ve got a collection of unstoppable machines that can take on any jobsite.

H&K Equipment has extensive experience working with customers in the oil and gas industry, forestry products, and other operations that require Pettibone trucks. Browse our extensive inventory or call 1-800-272-9953 to discover the power of Pettibone.

Pipe Handlers

Purpose-built for moving and placing pipe, poles, logs, and scrap safely and efficiently.