Advance – Adgressor Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber


Advance Adgressor Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber


The Adgressor from Advance combines adaptability with aggressive cleaning power for a machine that is designed to handle anything you can throw at it. This rider scrubber combines speed, power and green cleaning in a highly maneuverable and customizable package.

Why walk when you can ride? The Adgressor can clean more than 50% more square footage compared to a comparable walk-behind scrubber. Typically, the extra cost of the rider is paid back in under a year of use and that doesn’t even include productivity gains from having a more rested operator.

With interchangeable scrub decks and dozens of options to choose from, the Adgressor can be customized to meet the demands of the job head on. For maximum cleaning power on smooth floors and the ability to use less solution, choose a disc scrub deck. For debris and dust removal and improved cleaning of rough grouted floors, use a cylindrical deck. Both disc and cylindrical decks are available in 32, 35 and 38-inch models, which allows the Adgressor to clean up to 66,880 square feet per hour.

The Adgressor was built to be nimble and boasts a 63-inch minimum aisle width turnaround. Throw in its amazing visibility courtesy of Advance’s Clear-View operator compartment and you have the perfect machine to tackle narrow aisles and tight corridors where space is at a premium.

Battery powered, the Adgressor outputs only 68 decibels when scrubbing, making it suitable for use anytime, anywhere.

Options include Advance’s EcoFlex system, which provides extra levels of control over water and detergent levels for a greener clean that will benefit your bottom line as well, onboard charger for charging anywhere there’s a power source, and right side edging broom.

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