Advance – Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubber


Advance Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubber


The Advance Advenger is an industrial strength rider scrubber that’s tough on dirt but easy on the environment thanks to its EcoFlex system.

A versatile and highly maneuverable rider scrubber, the Advenger can perform a complete u-turn in a 63-inch area, ideal for locations with confined spaces and narrow aisles.

The Advenger offers multiple scrub decks and widths, making it suitable as both a commercial and industrial scrubber more than capable of taking on a diverse set of environments from warehouses and machine shops to hospitals and schools. Available in disc (ST) or cylindrical models (EcoFlex)—each offering their own benefits—the Advenger comes with a standard 28-inch scrub deck capable of cleaning up to 39,424 square feet per hour.

With Advance’s EcoFlex system, the Advenger is a productivity powerhouse, allowing complete operator control over detergent, pad pressure and water use. This flexible cartridge system allows the use of any detergent or water-only cleaning, automatically measures the correct ratio of detergent, cuts water usage up to 70%, eliminates the need for a solution tank. To increase performance, activate the “Burst of Power” mode, which increases solution levels and pad pressure for maximum cleaning of the dirtiest areas.

Want to make your cleaning dollar go even further? For basic, no nonsense scrubbing, the ST model eschews complex electronics, providing the operator manual control over the disc scrub deck and squeegee.

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