Advance – CS7010 Hybrid Sweeper-Scrubber


Advance CS7010 Hybrid Sweeper-Scrubber


Introducing the world’s smartest cleaning machine, the CS7010 combination sweeper-scrubber from Advance. A rider that combines unmatched green cleaning with lower operating and labor costs. With the CS7010 you can finally have it all.

The CS7010 is available with three different drive systems: LPG/Gas-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower Battery. All of them provide ample cleaning power for the largest, dirtiest applications from stadiums and parking lots to warehouses and industrial manufacturing plants.

Gone are the hydraulic systems typically found in machines this size, replaced by efficient, practically maintenance-free electric drives. These state-of-the-art drives provide an unmatched cleaning performance that saves money on maintenance and labor costs.

The CS7010 is equipped with completely different systems for sweeping and scrubbing. The front aligned 61-inch cylindrical sweeping system with dual side brooms sucks up all dirt and debris into its 7-cubic food hopper with high-lift system. The rear scrubbing system then goes to work, cleaning and shining the floors with up to 400-pounds of down force and dual vac fan motors.

With an intuitive control panel that helps minimize training time, fully adjustable seat and title stearing, ClearView sightlines for improved operator awareness, automatic speed reduction during turns and a pivoting, retractable offset disc deck edge scrubber, the CS7010 is a breeze to operate and ergonomically friendly to the driver. MaxAccess allows access to all internal components for easy maintenance and inspection and all brushes, brooms and squeegees can be replaced without tools.

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