Advance – SC800 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber


Advance SC800 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber


Advance’s midsize scrubber, the SC800 is durable, rugged, low-maintenance, no-nonsense machine available with EcoFlex for a greener, more powerful clean.

The SC800 comes in in standard, ST or EcoFlex models and is available with scrub heads of 28-inch disc or cylindrical, 32-inch cylindrical or with a 34-inch disc scrub head capable of cleaning up to 50,900 square feet in a single hour. All SC800 models come standard with 25-gallon solution and recovery tanks.

With the optional EcoFlex system, you get even more control over your scrubbing needs—all in an environmentally friendly package. Modes include water only, ultra-low detergent, standard and burst of power. With one-button control over detergent, water flow and brush pressure, you can switch between modes at will. No matter what the situation calls for, you’ll be ready.

The SC800 features whisper-quiet 61 decibel outputs and boast an incredible 84 minutes of continuous use.

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