Advance – SC8000 Ride-On Floor Scrubber


Advance SC8000 Ride-On Floor Scrubber


Advance’s largest rider scrubber, the SC8000 is a powerful, innovative and environmentally conscious cleaning powerhouse.

It’s the answer to all your cleaning needs. The SC8000 boasts cleaning paths up to 62 inches with its dual side brooms and massive 100-gallon solution and recovery tanks for extended run times. It cleans more, up to 95,500 square feet per hour, and longer than any machine in its class.

Although it may be part of Advance’s fleet of scrubbers, the SC8000 is truly a do-it-all cleaning machine. Thanks to its counter-rotational dual cylindrical scrub deck, which effectively sweeps and scrubs in a single pass, and 1.5 cubic foot hopper, pre-sweeping with a second machine isn’t needed. This feature alone can help increase cleaning productivity up to 71%.

Choose between powerful LP or diesel Kubota engines that provide unmatched cleaning power for large scale applications like aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, parking garages, large warehouses and wholesale facilities.

The SC8000 also comes with Advance’s optional EcoFlex technology, an environmentally friendly system that helps control brush pressure, detergent and water flow for optimal, efficient cleaning that will improve your bottom line. Modes include a “water only” setting for light cleaning, “ultra-low detergent” levels for routine cleaning, and “standard detergent” for high traffic areas. Need extra cleaning power? Activate EcoFlex’s “Burst of Power” mode for the dirtiest areas and most stubborn stains.

Other standard features include a heavy duty front bumper, adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel, Advance’s Clear-View design for clear sight lines to the floor, and MaxAccess, which provides 360-degree access to machine components for easy maintenance and changing of wearables like squeegees, brushes and blades.

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