Advance – Terra 28B Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper


Advance Terra 28B Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper


The Terra 28B floor sweeper from Advance is just better. It’s better on floors thanks to an edge cleaning side broom and better on carpets—250% better than comparable vacuums—in fact.

Featuring Advance’s All Surface All Purpose sweeping technology, the Terra 28B smoothly transitions between hard and soft floors without having to change broom types, and often without having to even adjust the deck height.

Unlike most vacuums, the Terra 28B is cordless and bagless, giving the battery-powered walk-behind a huge advantage in the battle for productivity. Its 28-inch sweep path means the Terra 28B can clean more, up to 31,200 square feet per hour, and longer, thanks to a 2.1-cubic foot hopper and aggressive filter shaker.

Outputting only 59 decibels, the Terra 28B meets many green-cleaning noise standards, making it the perfect daytime sweeper for hospitals, schools and any other high traffic or noise sensitive areas.

The Terra 28B is a powerful, industrial grade sweeper, yet daily operation is routine. The walk-behind’s compact design emphasizes maneuverability and the forward traction system means pushing and steering require minimal physical effort.

Like all of Advance’s sweepers and scrubbers, the Terra 28B features tools-free broom removal and easy access to internal components for worry-free maintenance. With standard onboard charger included, recharging the Terra 28B’s long-running maintenance-free gel battery can be done at any regular outlet.

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