Big Joe – WPT45 Medium-Duty Electric Pallet Jack

Big Joe WPT45 Medium-Duty Electric Pallet Jack


Whenever productivity matters most, put the 4,500-pound capacity Big Joe WPT45 Powered Pallet Truck on the job! This motorized hand truck is designed for busy medium-duty low-lift applications in space-restricted areas. If you need a powered device that can go the same places a hand truck does while lifting more material faster, then this is the truck for you.

The WPT45 shines by being easy to steer and operate in crowded work and storage areas where space is at a premium. Tiller steering via the ergonomic operator handle enables precision turns around obstacles and walkways. Travel speed always remains constant relative to the handle’s position, regardless of whether the truck is encumbered. Tilting the handle back five degrees engages a crawl speed feature to safely navigate bottlenecks and tight spots. All primary functions — such as forward and backward travel, braking, and lifting and lowering functions — can be activated without ever taking a hand off the handle, keeping the operator in total, comfortable control at all times. Anti-rollback, horn, keyed lockout, and other safety features are also standard.

Big Joe understands that life can get messy inside a busy facility, which is why the WPT45 Powered Pallet Truck is built to withstand heavy use, bumps, and jolts as it protects the load. It runs smoothly and quietly, even when the surrounding workplace isn’t.

Downtime is reduced through features like a compact turning radius, state-of-the-art gear technology, pallet entry slide forks, and rugged construction. And when maintenance is required, major components can be accessed quickly through a removable cover. The forks are also simple to maintain via eight easily accessible fittings.

Each Big Joe motorized hand truck is available with a variety of optional features to create a customized unit that is tailored to your applications. Contact us today for pricing or for additional details about these trucks.

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