Zephir – LOK MVP E Electric Multipurpose Railcar Mover


Zephir LOK MVP E Electric Multipurpose Railcar Mover


The Zephir LOK MVP E is built and designed to deliver dependability on the track, as well as the road. This battery powered mobile railcar mover has two on-board 30 kW electrical motors – this ensures that it does not pollute the environment in which it works, making it a great choice for indoor facilities with a need to regularly relocate their railway rolling stock.

With the ability to operate both on and off the rail, the Zephir LOK MVP E is suitable for many applications. Coming in at 14 tons and with a maximum towing capacity of 600 tons, there aren’t many jobs too big for this impressive unit.

Seeing as how the LOK MVP E is manufactured by Zephir, it can be customized with several different hooks, couplers, and tow bars depending on the intended use. Custom paint and numerous other safety features are available, too.

Features and Accessories

Radio remote controls, interlock, ground operator safety remote control
Pneumatic braking system
“Artic pack” to protect against cold climates
High temperature pack
In-railing and on-hook video camera systems
Custom paint and stickers available
Extended warranty
Wide variety of hooks, couplers and tow bars
Short-circuit signaling system along with distance proximity sensors