Squeegee Care for your Industrial Floor Scrubber

by Oct 21, 2020Industrial Cleaning

For nearly three decades, H&K Equipment has been your source for industrial cleaning equipment sales, service, and rentals. We are the tri-state’s foremost experts on the topic and know the ins and outs of these machines better than anyone.

That knowledge is what makes us the ideal messengers for the importance of squeegees. In particular, choosing the right type for your application and an important but overlooked aspect of the post-sales process, proper squeegee care.

Usually attached along the rear and sides of a scrubber, squeegees are designed to funnel water, cleaning solution, and other substances toward the internal vacuum, and in turn, into the recovery tank. If not properly attached and maintained, however, they will not function properly, and  your cleaning efforts (and the cleanliness of the floor) will suffer.

If your squeegee is the wrong type, improperly installed, or degraded past its intended lifespan, you may start to notice streaking in the cleaning path. This will result in having to spend more time cleaning the same area.


According to Mike Burnham, industrial cleaning equipment service manager at H&K Equipment, one of the most important parts of squeegee care is making sure you’re using the right model for your cleaning application.

In general, there are three types of squeegees available for use on industrial cleaning equipment: gum rubber, linatex, and urethane, each with different characteristics.

Gum rubber is ideal for perfectly smooth floors. The least expensive type, it has lower durability than the other options and can’t be used on chemicals or oils.

Linatex is the best all-around squeegee blade. The longest lasting option, it works well with chemicals and oils and doesn’t swell up like gum rubber. Pricing is slightly higher than gum rubber but cheaper than urethane.

Urethane is chemical resistant and durable and is ideal for industrial environments and harsh applications. Urethane is the most expensive of the squeegee blade options.


Chuck Krug, vice-president of industrial cleaning equipment at fellow H&K Equipment Group company Taylor Northeast, is an industry veteran with 30-plus years of experience. Chuck said he has always stressed the importance of squeegee care to his customers.

“We always tell our customers to check their squeegee during the pre-shift inspection,” Chuck said. “People just don’t realize how important it is to have a clean, fresh edge on your squeegee. A sharp blade makes a huge difference, believe me.”

Chuck also highlighted the importance of rotating your squeegee when appropriate. With four usable edges, he recommends customers reorder the part when they begin scrubbing with the squeegee’s fourth and final edge. This way their new squeegee is on hand and ready to install when the time comes.

“Another really important thing to consider with squeegee care is the post-shift cleaning procedure,” Chuck added. “It’s imperative that operators get all of the caked-up dirt and debris off of the blade. If you don’t, your floor will be covered in streaks from the onset.”

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