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In the demanding world of high-capacity lift trucks, there’s only one name that matters: Taylor Big Red. The Taylor Machine Works company is legendary in the steel, lumber, concrete, and port industries for producing some of the best-engineered and longest-lasting trucks on the market, and H&K Equipment is proud to be a leading Taylor dealer.

With pneumatic, cushion tire, and rough terrain forklifts in capacities of up to 120,000 pounds, and with the industry standard-bearers in loaded container handlers and reach stackers, if you need a truck to get the job done, you need a Taylor Big Red. And to get the best from the life of your truck, you need H&K Equipment. We carry the full line of new Taylor products and offer complete service and parts support for all models. We also boast one of the largest fleets of new and used rental trucks in the nation. Browse our inventory or call 1-800-272-9953 to learn more.

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GT Series Forklifts

A recent addition to Taylor’s expansive line of material handling equipment, GT series forklifts are available in 13 different models and are perfect for handling loads of less than 18,000 lbs.

Equipped with 24-inch load centers and pneumatic tires, Taylor GT forklifts make light work of heavy materials, easily transporting loads across rough terrain. To ensure there is an option for every business, regardless of application and day-to-day needs, GT forklifts are available in gas and LP models.

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Industrial Lift Trucks

Tough and reliable, Taylor lift trucks are American-made workhorses and can handle the daily grind often associated within industrial workplaces.

Manufactured in a number of builds to cater to customers in a wide variety of applications, Taylor industrial lift trucks are available with 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch load centers.

Capable of lifting up to 125,000 lbs., lift trucks from Taylor Machine Works are highly versatile and excel in the following industries: Steel, aluminum, wood, lumber, concrete, precast, ports, rail, stevedoring, and more.

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Intermodal and Port Equipment

Taylor Machine Works has been producing intermodal and port equipment – such as container handlers, reachstackers, and RoRo lift trucks – for decades.

A leader in the space, Taylor is constantly improving the capabilities of their port equipment to fit the needs of their customers. Taylor’s cutting-edge line of container handlers can stack containers up to 8-high.

The Taylor XRS-9972 reachstacker is able to pick and stack containers as far back as the third row, greatly increasing the efficiency of your port operations.

Log and Pipe Handlers

The logging and pipeline industries are embedded in Taylor’s DNA, as their first ever lift truck – the Logger’s Dream – was developed to increase the efficiency of the timber industry.

Fast forward more than 80 years and Taylor is still cranking out top-of-the-line timber equipment to streamline customer operations.

Whether it be a sprawling pipeline job or a more traditional lumber operation, these powerful pneumatic lift trucks are right at home in the mud and muck of the worksite.

With a wide variety of available attachments, Taylor log and pipe handlers are second to none in terms of versatility.

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