Taylor Wheel Loaders are Built for the Toughest Industries

by Aug 5, 2020Material Handling

In the nearly 40 year history of H&K Equipment, we have had all sorts of machinery roll through our yard, but we’ve never had something like the new Taylor T-series wheel loaders swagger in.

A different animal from traditional trucks by Taylor Machine Works, the machines in the new wheel loader series are purpose-built to serve a variety of industries. With five different models, (T-1023, T-1025, T-1025 Recycler, T-1035, T-1045) these machines cover a wide range of applications from lumber to recycling and beyond.

Here’s just a few examples of industries where the Taylor T-series wheel loaders excel:


The forest and lumber industry requires an adaptable, tough piece of equipment. To meet those demands, Taylor wheel loaders can be equipped with large buckets to haul scoops of woodchips, log and lumber forks with hold-downs to keep awkward loads steady during transit, or log and pole grapples to safely transport large logs and trees back to the mill yard.


Built for the rigors of the recycling and scrap handling industries, the T-1025 Recycler model includes a hinged belly guard, steel front and rear fenders, and a panoramic view cab with heavy protective cab guarding to protect operators from airborne debris.

To ensure that all your scrap and recycling needs are met, Taylor has included a quick coupler for operators to easily switch attachments throughout the day. Attachments include car forks, fork carriages, scrap grapples, and a variety of buckets for general material handling purposes.


These powerful wheel loaders are perfect for businesses that supply customers with large quantities of mulch, stone, and other aggregate. This version of the wheel loader comes standard with a general purpose bucket attachment and four large pneumatic tires for optimal traction in harsh conditions, which makes handling and transporting landscaping materials easier than ever.

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