The CicKo Transportation Difference

by Jun 2, 2021Logistics

It’s only appropriate that the headquarters of CicKo Transportation is located in the same building as H&K Equipment. But CicKo is more than just a member of the H&K Equipment Group, it’s the driving engine of everything we do–literally. It’s the binding force that unites a company with locations in five states, thousands of miles apart, and a territory that stretches over 100,000 square miles across the mid-Atlantic.

When a piece of equipment is bought, sold, rented or leased, CicKo Transportation is there. Our peerless team of drivers and specialists have decades of combined experience and we operate a modern fleet of over 15 semi and flatbed trucks and trailers.

Once an exclusively in-house operation, CicKo Transportation is now dedicated to serving the transportation needs of all companies, big and small.

At the heart of our operations is our fleet of Model 389 Peterbilt semis. With the latest in safety features and over 400 horsepower, these trucks are constantly maintained and in peak performance, ready to go at a moments notice.

We are a full-service logistics company catering to the big jobs. Loads beyond the standard legal dimensions of 13-foot-6 in height and 8-foot-6 in width are no problem. Oversize and overweight loads, special permits, irregular-shapes and sizes; anything that requires extra experience and extra dedication to safely transport your valuable cargo.

Leave it all to us. From the permitting process all the way through the delivery and unloading, you can count on CicKo Transportation to handle every detail to make sure your load arrives safely, securely and on time, everytime.

No matter what the load, from lift trucks, oil and gas, intermodal and dirt moving equipment, to cranes,  storage tanks, and high voltage electric breakers; we’ve moved it all before.

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