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by May 13, 2020Industrial Cleaning

H&K Equipment can now provide you with everything you need, from sales to service to parts to soap

Welcome to the exciting world of industrial strength soap! … are words you probably never expected to read.

Yet here you are, ready to delve into this article all about H&K Equipment’s new line of industrial strength degreasers.

Currently our industrial cleaning soap is available in two varieties, Heavy Scrub HD Degreaser and Heavy Scrub Citrus.

While some brands of industrial cleaning chemicals tout their “green” bonafides, many still contain toxic ingredients or even known carcinogens. Here at H&K all of our degreasers are non-butyl based, which makes them better for the environment and safer for your operators.

The Heavy Scrub Line of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

All floor scrubber chemicals and industrial detergents from H&K Equipment are available in your choice of five-gallon buckets or 55-gallon drums. Customers can save over 36% by ordering the 55-gallon drums as opposed to individual buckets. 

Heavy Scrub HD Degreaser

Available in: 55-gallon drum, 5-gallon bucket

• Water-based solvent, non-butyl degreaser
• Effective in industrial and commercial settings
• Concentrated for economy, moderate foam, free rinsing
• Clear red-brown; light citrus fragrance; USDA A4, A8

Heavy Scrub HD Degreaser is the ultimate all-purpose heavy-duty non-butyl cleaning agent. It’s designed to be safe for your workers and safe for your floors while totally destroying dirt and grease. This special low-foam formula works well with all models of ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubbers.

Heavy Scrub Citrus Degreaser

Available in: 55-gallon drum, 5-gallon bucket

• D-limonene formula with excellent emulsifying ability
• No petroleum solvents, no flashback odor, no hydrocarbons, no ammonia or bleach
• Safely penetrates a wide range of tough soils
• Orange color; deodorizing citrus fragrance

Our Heavy Scrub Citrus Degreaser is an excellent d-limonene formula that is non-flammable and safe for all floor scrubber applications. It’s ideal for parking garages, automobile service centers or anywhere with tough grease buildup or hard-set dirt.

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