Trackmobile  brings you the most innovative mobile railcar movers in their class, with better efficiency, less maintenance, longer service life, and better safety features. These are the most advanced railcar movers in the world, and if you aren’t using one at your facility, then you are missing out on a proven record of uptime. There is a reason you see more Trackmobiles in switching yard than any other brand, and now you can experience the difference yourself.

H&K Equipment is proud to offer the complete Trackmobile product line, including Trackmobile’s flagship models: The Spartan, Atlas, Titan, Hercules, and Viking. H&K Equipment also offers full railcar mover service, operator training, and parts support. Call 1-800-272-9953 to learn why we are your Trackmobile mobile railcar mover specialist.

Railcar Movers

From low duty cycles to ultra-high-capacity jobs and everything in between, Trackmobile has a mobile railcar mover for every application. Find yours at H&K Equipment.


The proverbial new kid on the block, the Trackmobile Spartan was introduced in 2021. Engineered to operate in applications where space is at a premium, this compact mobile railcar mover is the smallest of the group, weighing in at 30,760 pounds.

Powered by a Tier IV, 4-cylinder engine, the Spartan lives up to its name with incredible fuel efficiency and long idle times. More important, Spartan mobile railcar movers are incredibly strong for their size and punch way above their weight.

Capable of outputting 21,750 pounds of tractive effort when single coupled or 26,000 pounds when double coupled, this agile mobile railcar mover is uniquely equipped to conquer smaller rail yards.


Ultra-powerful and ready for duty, the Atlas is the strongest model among Trackmobile’s pantheon of state-of-the-art of mobile railcar movers.

When single coupled, this 83,500-pound goliath can exert up to 43,900 pounds of tractive effort when single coupled and a maximum of 60,225 pounds when double coupled. The sheer power of the Atlas makes it perfect for applications that need to efficiently move long lines of freight cars.

Equipped with a Cummins 350 HP, QSL9 turbo-charged diesel engine and manufactured out of high-strength steel,  the Trackmobile Atlas is guaranteed to stand the test of time.


The Titan was introduced to market in 2006 and has been Trackmobile’s most popular model ever since. A mid-tier solution in terms of size and tractive effort, the Titan’s potential is boundless.

Powered by a 6-cylinder engine for increased power and efficiency, the Titan makes light work of long lines of railcars before lowering its on-road wheels to travel to the next group of freight cars at your facility or railyard.

Coming in at 50,850 pounds, the Titan exerts a maximum tractive effort of 33,116 pounds when single coupled and 49,451 pounds when double coupled.


Much like the other units in Trackmobile’s expansive suite of mobile railcar movers, the Hercules is an immensely powerful and capable machine. There is one key difference between the Hercules and other options from Trackmobile: It’s available in two different model configurations.

Choose from a traditional unit or, if your application calls for it, opt for a full-width cab (FWC). The standard option will provide you with a tractive effort of 28,400 pounds when single coupled or 44,700 pounds when double coupled. The FWC version of the Hercules is roughly 4,000 pounds heavier and can produce 29,700 pounds of tractive effort when single coupled and 46,000 pounds when double coupled.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll quickly discover why the Hercules is a bestseller.


Similar to the Hercules in terms of standard features and available upgrades, the Viking is a rock-solid piece of equipment that can easily move long lines of rail cars in close quarter applications.

Engineered with the end-user in mind, the Viking offers a roomy cab with ergonomic seating and is equipped with modern technology such as a 7-inch UltraView full-color display and Trackmobile’s industry leading Safe-T-Vue 360-degree camera system.

With an operating weight of 36,360 pounds, the nimble Viking boasts a tractive effort of 27,014 pounds when single coupled and 42,689 pounds when double coupled.

Railcar Movers

With five models — the all-new Spartan, heavyweight Atlas, nimble Viking, powerful Hercules, and versatile Titan — Trackmobile has a mobile railcar mover for every application. Find yours at H&K Equipment.