Warehouse Pallet Rack Shelving Installation in New Stanton, PA

by Aug 10, 2019Warehouse & Racking

You can’t have a functional warehouse without pallet rack shelving. That’s more or less an unbreakable rule of the business world. That’s where we come in. H&K Equipment is an authorized and experienced vendor of pallet rack shelving from superior brands like Bulldog Rack Company and Husky Rack & Wire. For more information, call us at 1-800-272-9953 or send us a message through our contact form.

Project Fast Facts

  • 345 bays
  • 20-foot high racking, built using 8- and 12-foot beams.
  • 2740 total pallet positions
  • 6 truckloads of materials
  • 7 week manufacturing time
  • 15 day installation
  • Food storage
Timelapse video of the warehouse racking installation in New Stanton, PA

A recent project took us to New Stanton, PA for a pallet racking installation at a brand new 62,000 square foot warehouse. The job called for standard racking in the main floor of the warehouse, as well as a smaller install in a 70 x 70 freezer; both would require special considerations for food storage.

Because the customer would be storing foodstuffs, the job called for pallet supports and 44″ D racking instead of standard 42″ wire decking. The 44″ D racking helps operators load and unload pallets while leaving as much overhang in the back as possible. This allows for open and clear aisles. Pallet supports are used so that no debris or food gets trapped in the racking, which can attract insects. The supports are also recommended for food storage because they allow the entire rack system to be easily wiped down, cleaned and inspected.

Limitations included a floor level that had to be 78″ clear height to allow for head room for the packers. Other standard considerations included pallet weights, sprinkler coverage, local codes and lift type.

Warehouse Racking Job Installation
A worker installing 44″ D racking racking at a warehouse in New Stanton, PA

After careful consideration of multiple designs, the customer chose a 20-foot high rack, standard aisle configuration (as opposed to narrow or ultra-narrow aisles, which would necessitate special narrow aisle forklifts) with 345 bays and 2,740 total pallet positions (including 168 in the freezer).

For the racking itself we chose Bulldog Rack Co. and their Power Slot racking with powder coated beams in silver and modern blue.

The installation took 15 days, which you can see from start to finish, in the timelapse video of the project at the top of the page.

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