What You Need to Know about New Elevated Platform Safety Rules

by Jan 28, 2020Safety

Manlifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts. You see them at every construction site, in every warehouse. If you need to reach, inspect or repair something high, you’ll need a lift.

This type of equipment, also known as mobile elevated working platforms or MEWPs, may appear simple to operate, but there are myriad rules and safety standards that guide their use.

As of December 2019, operators must adhere to the new ANSI rule A92 that requires all operators using manlifts, boom lifts or scissor lifts undergo new MEWP training for compliance.

So who is ANSI? Well, that would be the American National Standards Institute, an organization that develops and outlines standards adopted by industries across the United States. Their updated A92 standard applies not only to training, but also the manufacturing of equipment that falls under the mobile elevated work platform designation.

Anyone previously certified to operate a MEWP will have to be retrained and certified under the new standards. Furthermore, rule A92 now also requires supervisors of MEWP operators to be knowledgeable about the machines.

In addition, dealers must also now provide training under the new standards to any customer who rents or buys mobile elevated working platforms as well as update their training protocols and manuals.

Types of mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs)

Need help staying compliant with the new rules? H&K Equipment’s safety director Phil Saula is available to visit your worksite to ensure all MEWP operators are given given thorough, site-specific training. This course covers pre-use inspections, site risk assessments, MEWP operation, and machine familiarization.

For more information on how to stay compliant with the new ANSI A92 standards, schedule a training course or just ask an expert, contact Phil Saula at 412-490-3217.

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